Sunday, April 26, 2009

LXDE under Ubuntu 9.04

LXDE is a light weight desktop environment. It is not as full-feature as XFCE and some say it is just a bunch of program around Openbox and PCManfm. But actually there are more and more programs for LXDE and I think it has its place for light weight desktop environment.

LXDE under Ubuntu 9.04 is really very fast. If you are a minimalist and tired of Gnome and KDE and if even XFCE is too big for you, LXDE is worth a try. Apparently Ubuntu 9.04 does not come with the latest XFCE stuffs compared to XFCE's Sourceforge site.

Here is the screenshot with Lxlauncher which you may find similar things with some netbooks.


solarwind said...

I love how the theme looks like QTCurve for QT4.

LXDE seems ok, but the taskbar looks relatively ugly - especially compared to KDE4, Gnome and XFCE.

You can remove the panel and start the XFCE panel by itself if you don't like it.

Xiaofan said...

Yeah I like the QTCurve theme. I am okay with the LXpanel though when I am running LXDE. Anyway, I still run Gnome most of the time even though I am also using KDE more often.