Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nokia 6280 Problem

Now my wife has the E71. So I took over Nokia 6280 and I'd like to use it to replace my old Samsung SGH-E388 phone and the old MP3 player. I think I would keep my Sony portable FM radio but just in case I could use 6280 as well.

However now I got a problem. My Starhub Green Prepaid SIM card does not work with the phone. The same SIM card works on my old Nokia phones and even the new E71 but just not this 6280. It rejects the SIM card no matter what I tried (cleaning up the SIM card and the phone SIM card holder). A trip to the Starhub service centre does not help either. They would not be able to help me to keep the number if they change the SIM card for me (SG$18 charge is acceptable to me). To me that is not a good idea as I have used the same number for 4 and a half years. So in the end, I may have to use my old Samsung phone. Or maybe I will look at some Windows Mobile Phone -- they are getting cheaper and cheaper. Windows Mobile SE phones like the Treo 500V is selling at SG$299 when I went to Sim Lim Square to buy the toner cartridge for our Samsung SCX-4200.

By the way, it is quite hard to find shops selling the SCX-4200 toner cartridges. Last time I tried Funan and only one shop was selling. And in Sim Lim Square, I only managed to find two. I paid SGD112 finally for the cartridge even though it was about SG$100 last time when we bought the printer.

For the trip, I also bought an SG$9.9 Sandisk 2GB SD card for the Wii and a SG$39 USB IDE harddisk enclosure for the old 250G IDE disk from my failed desktop.

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