Sunday, October 5, 2008

A new Wii for us

I was thinking of buying a Wii for physical exercises for sometime.
After doing some research, I bought an authorized set this Wednesday
(public holiday in Singapore). I paid SGD710 (after comparing 7 shops
in Funan IT Mall) for the following.
1) Wii Sports Official Singapore version with 3 months warranty
by Maxsoft. Listed price is SGD499 but many shops sell for SGD519.
The so called official Singapore version is just the US version
plus an official 240V AC power supply for Singapore.
2) Extra set of Wii Remote (bundle with Wii Play: SGD79) and Numchuck (SGD39)
3) Active Life Outdoor Advantage (my wife's favorite) (SGD109).

The shop is GameScore (#05-05, Funan Digital Mall). The other
shop (Zavi) seems to have good deals with SG$499 basic sets
and SGD588 basic sets+extra set of controller offer. Many other
shops only sell SGD645 bundle (basic sets with three games and worst
is that you can not choose the game).

I was paying by cash so that the shop gave a bit of discount.
SG$710 is about US$500. I think it is much cheaper in US. Anyway,
Wii is only soft-launched in Singapore.

On Saturday, I also bought 1000 Wii Points (US$10) and spent 500
points on the Internet Channel. I spent the other 500 points on
a casual WiiWare (Defend Your Castle).

We are not serious gamers. If not, Xbox (60G Elite version is selling
at SGD499) and PS3 (basic set is selling at about SGD530) seem to
have better price performance ratio.

So far the experiences with Wii seem to be positive among three of
us in the household.

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