Friday, May 2, 2008

Vista Problem Solving Part 1: Excel has stopped working

My wife now has more and more complains about the Vista notebook we bought on Christmas day of 2007 (

The biggest complain is that often Excel will often say that it has stopped working if she double-clicks an Excel file to open it. She has to open Excel and then open the file from within Excel.

Google found the solution.

Quote what johnko99 wrote:
Click "start" - the button down left to your screen Select "run" and type "regedit".
Click OK. The Registry Editor opens in a window.

In the registry editor locate the following: HKEY, LOCALMACHINE, SOFTWARE, MICROSOFT, OFFICE, EXCEL, ADDINS, BtOFFICEAddin.BtOFFICEIntegration.1

Under label "Name" there should be a line: "Lodbehavior". Now in the same line under "Type" there should be REG_DWORD" and under "Data" there should be "0x0000003 (3)" or something similar as far as the last digit is concerned (in this case 3).

Behold, you are close to the solution... Change the last digit AND the one in brackets (in my case 3) to read 0! In my case under "Data" now reads "0x0000000 (0)".

That's it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Close the registry editor and restart the computer.

Your Excel now is working perfectly!

This is the perfect solution to this problem. The forum mentioned Excel 2007 and Excel 2003. Actually it works for Excel 2000 as well.


Genton_m said...

Hello everybody.
I had the same problem :
click twice on an excel file and got ...has stopped working and windows is looking for a solution.....
I have VISTA SP1 and office 2000 SR1 Premium updated to SP3. Only the correction BtOFFICEAddin.BtOFFICEIntegration.1 =(0) worked
Good luck. Michel

X1Premier said...

Hello Xiaofan,

Thanks for this solution.

I had simular problem. "Excel stopped working" whenever tried to open a "new Worksheet" in the already opend Programm. (Excel of Office 2003 Pro.). After surching the Web for 3 days and only find hundreds of times simular Problems but no solution I gave up and worked around it by using unused Worksheets of alredy saved files. Then I installed Nitro PDF and suddenly I could not open Excel at all anymore. ("Excel stopped working" Message).
Finally I found your Solution and now it works fine. "The perfect solution".
Thanks, X1Premier

X1Premier said...

Hello Xiaofan,

thanks for your solution.
Had a simular problem. When opining a "new" sheet in Excel (Office 2003 Pro) programm closed + Mess. said "Excel stopped working". Tried to find a solution on the web for 3 days, but only found hundreds of simular problems + no solution. So just worked around it by opening old sheets and change them.
Then I installed "Nitro PDF" (great + low price alternative to Adobe Acrobat), but then I could not open any Excel File at all any more. Allways closed + Mess. came "Excel stopped working ...".
I found this morning your solution.
Now Excel works perfetly.
Thanks. X1Premier

Xiaofan Chen said...

I am glad that you solved your problem.

toak said...

thanx, this bug caused my so much grieve and time.

Njoos said...

Thank you so much, Xiao Fan.
Your solution solved problem that had been bothering me since I have Microsoft 2003 installed on Vista.


Steve said...

I have done everything that is recommended and I still get the error "Excel has stopped working". Any other thoughts?

Xiaofan said...

I do not use Excel 2000 anymore. But I think the potential solution is to update to new version of Office, or to contact the vendor for support, or just switch to OpenOffice.

Lindyloo said...

Excel has stopped working Solution
My problem was with Excel 2007 using Windows Vista.

Type RUN in the box
Type regedit, click OK.

Locate the following:

REG_DWORD had the value
0x00000001 (1)

Double click on the word Selected.
(a pop up box will appear asking for VALUE DATA.

Enter 0
Press OK
(the data will be changed to
0x00000001 (0).

Excel should no longer crash for unknown reasons.
Good Luck.