Sunday, December 13, 2015

libftdi1-1.2 and libftdi1 git master Windows binaries

I have not built Windows binary for libftdi for a while. It seems
that there are still some requests for the Windows binary.

So I first built the (MinGW 4.7.2, not the latest) binary.
You can download the libftdi Windows binaries here.

libusb-1.0.20 is used for the development kit. It is
recommended that you use Zadig to install WinUSB
driver for the development kit. You can also use
libusbK driver if you want to use both libftdi-0.1x
and libftdi1-1.x. Please do not use libusb-win32
device driver (libusb0.sys) since it does not work
well under libusb-1.0.20.


Xiaofan said...

Tools used to build this package:
MinGW GCC 4.7.2 :
Boost 1.49 (build from source):
Python 2.7.3:
swig 2.09:
doxygen 1.8.3:
libconfuse 2.7:
pkg-config lite 0.28_1 :

Boost building reference:

Xiaofan said...

I believe it should still work with latest toolchain.
If not, please let me know. I have some problems with the
later version of and I think it is not as stable.

The reason I use this old setup is also due to the fact I can
build everything libftdi offers (including the test program
using Boost Unit Testing Framework) under Windows. I am
lazy to build Boost again myself and the other ready-made
Boost binary seems to fail to build the test program somehow.