Saturday, September 22, 2012

OpenOCD 0.6.0 release 32bit Windows binary using libusbx 1.0.13

OpenOCD 0.6.0
Release date: 7 September 2012
build date: 22 September 2012
build system: Windows XP SP3
compiler: GCC 4.7.0 (, 32bit only

Libraries used (32bit)

Build commands used:

LDFLAGS="-lusb-1.0" ../configure --enable-ftdi \
--enable-ft2232_libftdi --enable-presto_libftdi --enable-stlink \
--enable-arm-jtag-ew --enable-jlink --enable-rlink \
--enable-usbprog --enable-vsllink --enable-usb_blaster_libftdi \
--enable-remote-bitbang  --enable-vsllink --enable-ulink \
--enable-osbdm --enable-opendous \
--disable-shared --disable-werror

Drive installation.
1) ST-Link V2: use the driver from ST (winusb based)

2) libusb-1.0 drivers are required for:
- J-Link
- FTDI FTx232 adapters when using config files from
interface/ftdi/ subfolder (mpsse engine)

You can install libusb-1.0 drivers using Zadig software from
the libwdi project

You can choose to use winusb.sys, libusb0.sys, or libusbk.sys.
In general, they should perform the same but Winusb.sys
support in libusbx 1.0.13 may be more mature than libusb0.sys
and libusbk.sys.

For ST-Link V1 and J-Link, you may want to use the libusb-win32
filter driver since you can keep the existing vendor driver.

For FTx232 adapters (USB composite device), you can not use
the filter driver since libusbx 1.0.13 does not support
the filter driver for USB Composite device.

3) Other USB JTAG debuggers including FTDI FTx232 adapters when
not using config files from interface/ftdi/ subfolder (not using
the new mpsse engine)

Use Zadig to install libusb-win32 drivers (device driver or
filter driver)

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