Saturday, June 2, 2012

libusb-1.0 and libusbx in OpenBSD ports and NetBSD pkgsrc now

libusb-1.0.9 and libusbx-1.0.11 have OpenBSD/NetBSD support. Now libusb-1.0 and libusb-compat are OpenBSD's ports system. NetBSD's pkgsrc system (okay, pkgsrc is not only for NetBSD) now has both libusb-1.0.9 and libusbx-1.0.11, it also has libusb-compat as well.

On the other hand, at least for the faster moving libusbx, OpenBSD/NetBSD are behind the other supported OS (Linux, Mac OS X and Windows). Hopefully the OpenBSD/NetBSD users can jump in and bridge the gap.

Take note FreeBSD has its own libusb-1.0/libusb-0.1 wrapper on top of its own libusb20 library.

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