Saturday, August 13, 2011

Interesting discussions about Linux

The post itself is not that interesting and kind of dumb. But the comments sections are much more interesting. The best comment is from "linuxlover" on August 12th, 2011 at 11:05 am.

I use both Windows and Linux and kind of neutral. Windows has many problems. Linux has many problems as well. Linux has many advantages. Windows has many advantages as well.

********* Quote "linuxlover" *****************
Advantages of Linux
1. App bugs will get fixed when a new student takes over from the one that graduated and got a job.
2. The packaging chaos will get fixed, since the Darwinian process works (only needs a few million years).
3. The desktop chaos will get fixed for the same reason.
4. Linux distros will stop competing with each-other and start focusing on Microsoft.
5. Ubuntu’s 80,000 open bugs will make them releasing when ready instead of every 6 months.
6. Instead of dozens of half-finished programs for a given application, there will be 1-2 really excellent ones.
7. Unity may get modified to be effective for monitors over 800 pixels.
8. Compiz may get fixed for high-speed window updates.
9. A serious standards body will develop and enforce sensible standards (packaging, desktop, libraries, binary API, GUI API).
10. If you are having problems, you can choose from hundreds of distros that will have different problems.

I actually use and enjoy Linux, but let’s face the problems honestly.

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