Saturday, April 16, 2011

Updated Microchip USB Links and Microchip Stack Anomaly list

PIC USB related web sites

PIC USB Firmware Framework Confirmed and Potential Anomalies

The above links should help the users of Microchip USB PICs.


Yawen Yang said...

Hi, Pardon me. I have been searching for microchip forum and relevant sites for a while. You seem to be the best person to pop the question. I am new to PIC programming. Not familiar with driver neither firmware programming as well. Pardon me if I am not hitting the right button when illustrating my problem here.

Am working on a project, which is using PIC32512795L PICKit2 intend to develop a usb bootloader for our new product firmware update. I have previously modified the generic firmware demo program working with PC software in C++ working adapted from the example provided by Microchip using the provided MCHPUSB generic custom driver (mchpusb.sys). We need a generic usb bootloader instead of HID bootloader for the user firmware update which is commonly seen on the microchip forum.

My idea is to adapt the universal HID bootloader, and modified the descriptor and interface table intends to modify the data package and overhead to get it to work with the generic USB driver. Is such approach sensible direction? The bootloader demo program provided in the example is for PIC18 and I couldn’t find any relevant info for PIC32 usb bootloader using generic custom usb driver. I am aware in one of the post you mention microchip suggest to use libusb-win32…etc.

If you can kindly point me a clue or relevant info would be very much appreciate. Thanks!

Xiaofan said...

Please use Microchip forum for support, thanks.