Thursday, April 22, 2010

libusb-win32 project has two new admins

Stephan Meyer has kindly added Travis and I to the project admin team of libusb-win32 project.

Travis is the developer of libusbdotnet, a great project which should be of interests to the users of libusb-win32.

Travis will mainly handle the code development and I will mainly handle the support/testing side.

We think libusb-win32 project can still be relevant now and we intend to further the development of libusb-win32.

One of the initial goal will be to solve the existing bugs especially the bugs with the filter driver which has caused some big problems under Vista and Windows 7.

We hope to get your continuing support. Please use the mailing list to share you suggestions to the project.


Rodrigo said...

I am needing some information on piklab. can you send me an e-mail at
I want to know if it is possible to use de piklab IDE in windows. I'll teach embedded software and I'd like to use opensource tools. The problem is that the lab only has windows, and I can't install another OS.

Excuse-me for using your blog to send an message.

And thanks for all the work on piklab!

Xiaofan said...

No piklab does not work under Windows. The command line utility may work.