Monday, January 11, 2010

More Wii Stuff

Over the Christmas and New Year holiday period, I bought quite some Wii related things.

Wii Fit Plus with the Wii balance board is one major item. At SGD159, it is quite a good investment. Now I use it everyday for 30minutes to burn some calories. Wii Sports Resort (table tennis is the most popular for us) and Wii Fit Plus are now the two most played games for us.

The Wii Classics Controller is also a good investment now that I bought quite some virtual console games (2 NES, 1 N64 , 1 Sega Master, 4 Sega Genesis because of the Sega promotion, used to be US$8, bought at US$5).

I also bought two more Wiiware titles (Excitebike and Onslaught). Both are quite good.

None of use are serious gamers but it seems Nintendo really develops a good platform even for non-gamers. One of my colleague (who enjoys PS3 very much, to me PS3 games are too complicated) just bought a Wii as well since it is very different from PS3 and the Sports related games for Wii are really good.

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