Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cross-platform pk2cmd 1.10 released

Microchip has released a cross-platform version of pk2cmd
V1.10. It works under Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is
also partially working under FreeBSD. I am proud to
have contributed the development by providing some ideas
and carry out quite some testing under Linux and FreeBSD.



My blog has quite some articles about pk2cmd under
Linux and FreeBSD.


Zero said...

hello, i am a student from India, i read one of your older post on using PICs under linux. Have you ever used an ICD2 clone under linux. Also can you provide some help regarding dsPIC under linux

Xiaofan Chen said...

PICKit 2 is better than any ICD2 clones. It is cheaper and better supported under Linux.

Marty D. said...

Hi, could you please post or link to a comprehensive guide to using a Pickit2 programmer with linux?
My entire EE class is using these and I'm tired of having to use Windows to program my chips.


SR-71 said...

Thanks for your efforts on PICs and Linux :):) :) ... You are great!!!!
As PIC programs developers (on Win) and Debian's fan I get some troubles on running this latest version of pk2cmd on my Debian Etch 64-bit because pk2 is 32bit, you know...
Do you have any suggestion on how to install and configure properly this software on my platform? Any idea or suggestion??? Googling doesn't help...I found any useful information out...
thank you in advance
Byeeee and happy new year

Wilhem said...

Thanks!!! Thanks for your efforts to interface PICs and are great!!!!
As Debian's fan and PIC programs developer I get troubles on running this software on my Debian Etch 64 bit...because this software is natevly 32 bit, you know...
Could you suggest me any idea or suggestion on how to run it on my platform???
Thank you in advance and happy new year...

Xiaofan Chen said...

To SR-71 and Wilhem:
Sorry I do not use 64bit Linux. Could you post the question to pickit-devel group? Thanks.

Xiaofan Chen said...

To: Marty D
I think the Readme is quite clear. If not, please check out the posts here:

If you still have problems, please post the question to pickit-devel mailing list.