Monday, January 7, 2008

2GB RAM Makes Vista Happy

Yesterday I went to Funan Digital Life Mall, one of the leading IT shopping center in Singapore along with Sim Lim Square.

One interesting thing is that many shops are offering free upgrade to 2GB RAM for Vista notebooks. This is a good thing. Vista is not bad but putting Vista to a lowly configured notebook is not going to give the users a good experience. I played with some of them and I think 2GB will make Vista happy. Another good think is that I see that most of the Vista notebooks come with Vista Home Premium or Vista Business. No more Vista Home Basic.

I also played with Asus Eee PC a bit. Its response was ok and the underline Linux OS was not bad. But I do not think I will like the small keyboard and I am not a mobile worker. So it is not for me. Its price is also not low compared to some low end full notebook. But I understand it is targeting a different group of users. Comparable ultra-portable notebooks from Sony and other vendors are quite expensive.

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