Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Debian Template to Build GCC for dsPIC/PIC24

Microchip uses GCC as the base for its C30 compiler for PIC24/dsPIC30/dsPIC33. They have also published the source according to GPL requirement.

John Steele Scott has done some good jobs to patch the Microchip sources and provided the Debian templates to build debian packages.

Instruction for V3.01b (patches and Debian Templates)

Old version V2.05

Old version V2.00 and related information


Unknown said...


Wondering if Piklab can be installed and used under Windows XP. I saw your name many times associated with Pic C compliers. Want to ask your advice. Thank you very much.


Xiaofan said...

Piklab is not for Windows. It is mainly aim at Linux users. You should use the official Microchip MPLAB and it works fine under XP.

Anonymous said...

Hi Xiaofan, I built C30 v3.12 on Zenwalk Linux, I'm only using Piklab as programmer and works quite well atleast on a 30f4012 and my icd2-clone. I use Code::Blocks as my IDE and use the makefile provided by John Steele Scott and some other. If you're interested I can send you the binaries for testing purposes.


Xiaofan said...

Thanks. If you can, please send me the patches and the modified Makefile. Then I can build it in my system and test. You know the binaries sometimes do not work across different system. I maily use Ubuntu but I have Arch and Fedora installed as well.

Anonymous said...

I sent you the files, hopefully I got your address right. If not my email is jacqueza AT gmail BIGDOT com, you could send me an email and I'll just reply to you.