Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Microchip PIC MCU Development Tools under Linux

I've collected some links about PIC MCU Development Tools under Linux.

1. MPLAB under Linux with Wine (my mini-howto):

2. PICkit 2 under Linux
pk2 by Jeff Post:
pyk by Mark Rages: search pyk
piklab by Nicolas Hadacek:

3. MPLAB ICD 2 under Linux

4. PICStart+ under Linux
PICP by Jeff Post:

5. PICDEM FS USB related project
1) PICDEM FS USB bootloader for Linux using libusb
2)PICDEM FS USB demo appliation under Linux using libusb

6. PICkit 1 under Linux

7. Basic tools: gputils assembler/linker, gpsim simulator and sdcc C compiler


Dan Kegel said...

Your recipe for installing mplab
might be a bit outdated. Could you
try the simplified recipe in

Xiaofan Chen said...

Now I consider Wine+MPLAB not that useful if one wants to use the hardware components like ICD2. Maybe VMWare is better.

MPLAB 7.62 installation under Ubuntu is pretty easy. MLAB 8.0 seems to have some problems. Now I do not use Wine+MPLAB anyway. I only need C18/C30/C32 and they work fine under Wine without the need to install MPLAB.

Anonymous said...

I've put a small app that helps to develop PIC things on the net, at It runs in linux(under Mint 4.0 at least under JRE 6.

It embeds user code and a small interpreter into a hex file
that you then burn into the pic.